Hi and welcome to my website!

My name is Melanie Porras. I currently live in Atlanta but I was born in Greenville, South Carolina and lived in Tennessee for the majority of my life. This is just a simple site I have put together to assist me in documenting my career as a musician.

I’m just starting out as a professional, but no matter what I will keep making music and writing so that I can overcome the challenges I face in life. At the end of the day though a lot of this is all for you. I want to set an example for those who feel like they have nothing or no one to help them, which is everyone at some point in their life. My goal is simply to inspire people to be kind, passionate, helpful, loving, and caring to themselves and others because we are all connected whether we want to believe it or not.

It’s easy for me to believe music can do this because it has helped me get through a lot. As a child I was a very lonely person but music has always been my best friend. I never felt that I had a true friend to talk to and as a result I released my feelings through my poetry. My poetry gave me confidence in my writing which eventually led me to write music after learning how to play the guitar at 11. Once I paired guitar playing with my lyrics I realized that I could express myself in a way that brings people together and I loved it! I needed this outlet as a child to inspire me for the future and now I just want to share this outlet with everyone.

As they say, no man (or in my case woman) is an island so I have to admit that I’ve been influenced by many musicians that came before me. I think my most important musical influences include John Mayer, Norah Jones, and Colbie Callait. Aristically I enjoy John Mayer’s guitar playing and style and such I try to emulate him. On an emotional level I also empathize with him because he also went through a lot in his life and like me writes lyrics that relate to these experiences. Norah Jones on the other hand is a big influence because I always found refuge in her work when I needed something to calm me down. On the other hand I enjoy Colbie Callait because she is very fun, down to earth, and is not materialistic. I respect this a-lot because she has always stayed true to who she is as an artist no matter what fortune and fame she has been handed. In the end her music is filled with positivity and inspires me to write music to make people happy.

With that said I hope you enjoy my writing that I will be collecting here and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube by using the links on the top left of the page.

Thanks for visiting!